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Yellow Jade Bangle - Round (BA095)

Yellow Jade Bangle - Round (BA095)

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Yellow Jade Bangle

  • The jadeite bangle is very high quality due to its one big section of very vibrant and intense honey yellow colour.
  • In addition, it has very good lustre with fine grains. Even though there is a section without yellow colour, it is clean without impurities, making the whole bangle very pleasing to look at.
  • Such beautiful yellow with good lustre is very rare as yellow often appears near the skin of jadeite stone, making it dry and unsuitable for jewellery. 
  • The diameter is about 59mm (1.58). It is about 8mm thick and 16mm broad. Such bangle is very beautiful on round wrist.
  • The actual yellow is more intense than that in the photos. Viewing at the physical store is always welcomed.