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Pure Gold Ruyi Lock Charm Bracelet (BR139)

Pure Gold Ruyi Lock Charm Bracelet (BR139)


Ruyi Lock Charm (如意锁)

The Ruyi lock is in 24k pure gold (足金). It is hollow. However, as it is to be worn as bracelet which is susceptible to external pressures, greater amount of gold is used to make it thicker. Hence, it will not go out of shape easily due to the softness of pure gold. In addition, the workmanship is exquisite.

Ruyi lock charm is for protection from evil and to bring good luck, good fortune and long life. As a result, it is a very popular gift to baby who turns one month old (满月). The six gold balls are also pure gold.

Dimensions of lock charm (without the gold ring on top):

11mm x 11mm x 5.5mm

The purplish red beads are garnet. They are clear and translucent, hence good quality. They are about 8.5mm.

Please feel free to email us for any customisation of the bracelet.