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Pink Jade Cabochon Pendant (PE240)

Pink Jade Cabochon Pendant (PE240)


Pink jade cabochon

  • The jadeite cabochon is of high quality with pink colour evenly distributed throughout the jade.
  • High quality jadeite is often carved into cabochon. There is no serious impurities or imperfections to be covered up or removed, hence the jadeite is simply carved to minimise wastage of the high quality jade material. 
  • good cabochon jade has dome shape with good thickness. Together with the good translucency, this big size cabochon is rare. 
  • Dimensions of jade are 30mm x 25mm x 13mm (exclude settings)
  • Weight of pendant is 21 grams
  • The jade pendant is in 18k white gold with diamonds and pink sapphires.