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Omphacite Jadeite - Trapezium (PE200)

Omphacite Jadeite - Trapezium (PE200)

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Natural Omphacite Jadeite 天然绿辉石翡翠

The jadeite is natural Burmese jade. It is well known in the trade as 墨翠. It looks black, however, it is green when light shines through.
Despite that, there is also a difference in quality. For a jadeite which is very translucent with even green seen under the light, it can be in thousands and above, depending on the size. Whereas for those that are less translucent, with little green seen under the light, they can be in hundreds and below.
This piece is of very top quality. It is set with 18k white gold and diamonds. The gold setting is a design of dragon with the head on the top left corner and tail at the bottom right. A black diamond is used as the eye of the dragon. Very beautifully set. 

Dimensions: 38.0mm x 20.0mm x 4.3mm