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Omphacite Jadeite - Square (RI079)

Omphacite Jadeite - Square (RI079)

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Natural Omphacite Jadeite 天然绿辉石翡翠

The jadeite is natural Burmese jade. It is well known in the trade as 墨翠. It looks black, however, under strong light, it is green. 

Despite that, there is also a difference in quality. For a pendant which is very translucent with even green seen under the light, it can be in ten of thousands. Whereas for some, they can be in the hundreds range. However, without using a light to shine through, they look quite similar, showing black, with higher quality ones look more shiny. 

These three pieces are very high quality jadeites, albeit small. Though they are thick, light is still able to shine through showing beautiful green throughout. They can be set into a pair of earrings and a ring.