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Multi-coloured Necklace - Olives Seed (NE038)

Multi-coloured Necklace - Olives Seed (NE038)


Multi-coloured jade necklace with olives seed carving

The jadeite necklace comes in mainly 3 colours, red, green and white which represents ‘福禄寿’. ‘福’ means good fortune, ‘禄’ means prosperity and ‘寿’ means longevity. The colours are very beautiful, especially the bright orangy ones which are rare. All the 36 jadeite beads have good lustre. Such a necklace is hard to come by due to the difficulty in getting the jades in the same quality and size but different colours. 

Average dimensions of each bead: 16mm x 10mm

Weight of necklace: 90 grams

Length of necklace: 60cm (or 23.5 inches)