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Three Colours Jade Bracelet - Pig (BR100)

Three Colours Jade Bracelet - Pig (BR100)


Three colours jade bracelet

  • The bracelet is made up of 10 pieces of jadeite carved into pigs.
  • They come in green, red and icy white.
  • The jadeites have good lustre and translucency.
  • Pig represents wealth and prosperity: 财源滚滚. 
  • The copper wire is nano gold plated. The gold balls and clasp are 14k gold filled. It has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold. It will not tarnish and the colour will not wear off.
  • The jade bracelet can be worn at lengths, 18 to 18.5cm. Please feel free to contact us on any customisation of the bracelet.