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Lavender With Green Displays - Pixiu (DI003)

Lavender With Green Displays - Pixiu (DI003)

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Lavender with green displays

The jade pieces are in beautiful lavender with green. The density of the jade is high with fine grains, hence high quality. They are being carved into a pair of Pixiu (貔貅), which is a mythical animal that represents protection and warding off of evil spirits. On top of each Pixiu, there is a smaller one with ruyi (means one gets what one wishes) carvings as well. 

Such displays carved out from high quality jade is rare, hence is a collectible item for both its auspicious meaning and investment. 

Dimensions of each Pixiu without including the wood stand are 8.5cm x 4.2cm x 5.0cm and 9.0cm x 4.0cm x 5.0cm. The wood stands are customized and are of good quality wood as well.