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Icy Light Green Bangle - Oval (BA001)

Icy Light Green Bangle - Oval (BA001)


Icy Light Green Bangle

Jade bangle's size is fixed. Depending on the flexibility and softness of one's hand, certain bangle size may look nice on the wrist but may not necessary be able to get through the hand. Hence, unless one is very certain of the bangle size that one's hand can get through, one is advised to try on the bangle before purchasing. 

Oval bangle is harder to wear as compared to a round bangle of the same size, unless one's hand is very soft. Oval looks nice and fitting on those with slim wrist, while round one looks better on those with round wrist.

This bangle has good translucency and luster. It has patches of light green around the whole bangle. The diameter at the broader side is about 59mm (1.58). It is about 7mm thick and 8mm broad. 

One is always welcomed to try out the bangle at the physical store.