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Icy Green Jade Pendant - Gourd (PE100)

Icy Green Jade Pendant - Gourd (PE100)


Icy green jade pendant 福瓜 

  • The jade is highly translucent with light green throughout. In comparison to those intense green, some may prefer such watery pendant with pastel green.
  • It is very clean without any impurities.
  • It also has very fine grains which only the top few percents of jade have.
  • It has a good thickness without much carving to minimize material wastage. The jadeite is simply carved into a gourd which represents harvest 丰收. The bat at the top represents happiness 福在眼前.
  • Dimensions of jade are 39.7 x 22.7 x 9.9mm.
  • The jade pendant is set with 18k white gold, diamonds and pink sapphires.