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Green Abacus Ring (RI030)

Green Abacus Ring (RI030)

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Vibrant green abacus ring

Such vibrant green which is evenly distributed over the whole ring is rare. This type of green is very much sought after in Jadeite, hence, it can be commonly found among the Type C (dyed jadeite) jadeite. Only ring sizes of 20 and 22 are available. Though they were carved from the same piece of jade stone, each ring is different in thickness, broadness and colour intensity. The ring above has size 20. As the size is fixed, Chinese believe that each jade ring is meant only to one who has affinity to it.

As the quality of the ring is very high, some may prefer to set a gold case (with or without diamonds) which is removable to protect the ring as shown above. Price excludes the gold case with diamonds.

The size used above is for China/Hong Kong/Japan.

Please feel free to request for photos of ring in other sizes. Alternatively, visit to the physical store is always welcomed.