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Dark Green Jade Bangle - Round (BA092)

Dark Green Jade Bangle - Round (BA092)


Dark Green Jade Bangle 老坑青

  • Throughout the whole bangle, there is good translucency and green. This is the most desirable as it is common for part/parts of a bangle to have impurities or be less translucent. 
  • As the round bangle turns, different parts show a different 'scenery'.
  • Beautiful intense green that many like as this colour looks young and modern. 
  • Some patches may look black, but they are actually very intense green that can only be found in old jadeite mine. Such green with good lustre is rarer and hence more valuable than those with poor lustre.
  • For those who collect jade for investment, this bangle is a good choice as the size belongs to average size, whereby it can fit more women than those of smaller sizes or oval bangles.
  • Diameter is about 57mm (1.53). It is about 7mm thick and 15mm broad.