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24k Pure Gold Pixiu Bracelet (BR105)

24k Pure Gold Pixiu Bracelet (BR105)

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Pure gold pixiu (貔貅)

  • The pixiu is in 24k pure gold (足金). It is hollow. The workmanship of the Pixiu is very good. It is a Chinese mythical creature which is considered to be a very powerful protector.
  • There are sweet corns and coins on top of the pixiu which mean good harvest. 
  • There are four Chinese characters 金玉满堂 at the feet of the pixiu.
  • Dimensions of pixiu: 23 x 11 x 9mm
  • The black beads are onyx. They are 8.5mm.
  • The two beads besides the pixiu are tiger eyes.
  • Please feel free to email us for any customisation of the bracelet.