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24k Pure Gold Dragon Tortoise Bracelet (BR120)

24k Pure Gold Dragon Tortoise Bracelet (BR120)


Dragon Tortoise Bracelet 足金

The dragon tortoise 龙龟 is in 24k pure gold. It is hollow. However, as it is to be worn as bracelet which is susceptible to external pressures, greater amount of gold is used to make it thicker. Hence, it will not go out of shape easily due to the softness of pure gold. In addition, the workmanship is exquisite. 

It is an auspicious symbol that combines the dragon and tortoise. Dragon represents power and good luck, while the tortoise represents good health and longevity.

The small gold ball is also 24k pure gold.

The black beads are onyx. They are about 10.5mm in diameter. 

Please feel free to email us for any customisation of the bracelet.