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Green Jadeite Bangle - Oval (BA099)

Green Jadeite Bangle - Oval (BA099)

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Green Jade Bangle 翡翠绿

  • Very vibrant green that many would love to wear on their wrists and admire it all the time.
  • Very precious as the beautiful green takes up almost half of the bangle. Even the other side also has some green, though less concentrated. 
  • The position of the green is also at the most desired place. Oval bangle will not turn when wearing, hence the lovely green will be always sitting at the top of the wrist, to be admired by wearer and others.
  • Though one side has lesser green, the white areas are clean without natural impurities. This further increases the value of the whole bangle.
  • Unfortunately, the bangle is in oval shape. It will have to wait for a lucky person, whose hand is soft enough to get through it. 
  • The diameter at the broader side is about 54mm (1.45). It is about 7mm thick and 12mm broad.