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04 Oct '17

Jadeite Cabochon Rings and Earrings

Jadeite Cabochons

Unlike most gemstones, Jadeite is not a transparent gemstone. As a result, Jadeite jewellery is not faceted like Sapphires or Rubies, and is fashioned into accessories with smooth surfaces. Colour being the prime factor for quality in Jadeite is followed by clarity of the material. Being generally known as an opaque material, Jadeite with high translucency is exceptionally rare. Fine grained Jadeite pieces found in raw stones will be carved to maximize the yield of the translucent material. When whole pieces of Jadeite that are completely translucent are found, cabochons can be fashioned out of the raw stone.

Colour and Quality

Jadeite cabochons can be found in numerous forms and typically, only exceptional material is carved into cabochons. They are graded by 3 main factors: Colour, translucency and size. As with all jadeite jewellery, green is the favoured colour and of the various green shades, a medium tone and highly saturated green is the most valuable. Another highly rare colour is the lavender jadeite. Translucency in jadeite is highly rare and a clear translucent jadeite cabochon would be an exceedingly rare and precious find. Lastly, rarity increases exponentially with size. However, having a large cabochon would affect the translucency of the material as light would have to pass through a larger cross sectional area of jadeite. Some examples of jadeite cabochons are shown below for reference.

Cabochons in Jewellery

Cabochons are typically fashioned into rings. In examples like the clear light green cabochon above, setting it as a ring is probably the closest one can get to wearing a bead of glassy water on one’s finger. Cabochon pairs are also sometimes set into earrings but to find a matching set of cabochons is not an easy task. Usually, pairs of cabochons are fashioned from a single piece of raw material. Like other gemstones, matching jadeite cabochons fetch a premium as a result.

At All About Jade, we have a selection of various jadeite cabochons either set into jewellery or as loose gemstones for a customized setting. As always, all our jadeite pieces are natural and unheated. To browse our selection of available jadeite cabochons, this is the direct link to our collection. If you have any queries or any special requests, feel free to drop us a message via our contact form.

27 Jun '17

Jewellery Setting

Jewellery settings can be broadly categorized into two groups, settings for calibrated sizes and custom settings. Commercial gemstones, largely available in jewellery shops, are usually cut into pre-set dimensions that fit into standard moulds, uniformly used by jewellery setters. These gemstones which are cut into pre-set dimensions are also known as calibrated stones. This allows for a commercially efficient solution to jewellery setting, as a single mould can be used countless times to set different gemstones.

However, for more expensive gemstones, to cut a raw stone to conform to specific dimensions would mean that a large amount of material might potentially be lost. Finding a good piece of raw material is already a very different endeavour, finding a large sized raw material of good quality, is even harder. And thus, preservation of material is of utmost importance when cutting expensive and rare materials like exquisite rubies and sapphires.

Good quality jadeite is almost exclusively cut in custom dimensions. And settings for jadeite, similar to gemstones, can be done by skilled craftsmen honed in this art.

At All About Jade, most of our jadeite jewellery have been set into jewellery settings made out of 18K gold, be it yellow, rose or white gold. This allows for customers to forgo the hassle of having to design a custom setting and subsequently finding a craftsman to set the jewellery. Moreover, in most cases, finding a reliable craftsman, in Singapore, to perform a custom setting would be more expensive, considering how transactions usually lower in price with increased volume.

All our jewellery settings are performed by master craftsmen who have been working with us for countless years and if the need arises, custom designs and settings can be performed. The entire process of designing a custom setting to the delivery arrangements of the jadeite will be arranged by us. Advice on the optimum designs for any jadeite will also be provided either via email, or in person at our physical shop.

Our jadeite pieces are sourced as raw unset stones and will be sequentially arranged to be set into classic jewellery showcased in our physical and online shop. If there are any specific requests for a certain shade of green, or a certain size of jadeite cabochon pair for that dream pair of earrings, feel free to drop us a message to enquire or visit us at our physical shop to take a look at our custom jewellery settings in person. Odds are that we will be able to source a perfect piece for you from our inventory.