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23 Apr '20

Jadeite Safety Coins 平安扣

Posted by All About Jade

Jadeite Safety Coins

Meaning of Safety Coins

Jade jewellery and ornaments can come in many different sizes and quality. They are often carved into intricate designs that symbolise different meanings especially important in Chinese culture. 平安扣 or safety coins, in direct translation, are usually worn for protection. Similar to the Chinese belief that jade bangles when worn dispel unfortunate events to the wearer, jade carved in the shape of a disc are also worn as a charm for the same effect.

Types of Safety Coins

Safety coins fashioned out of jade can come in a variety of shades and sizes. Even as jade, the coins can be either made of pure jadeite or even nephrite. The latter, displayed in the image below, will display a smooth matte finish typical of the softer nephrite material. A variety of colours can be found in different safety coins as well. This is typical of jadeite with its range of colours. Traditionally, jadeite safety coins have always been designed as pendants but with a modern take of jadeite jewellery, earrings designed as safety coins are gaining in popularity.


Typical to jade jewellery, having a significant size of jadeite or nephrite material with excellent quality is extremely rare. Thus, jade safety coins with excellent quality are very highly valueable and are sought after by collectors as it is very difficult to find such pieces.

Examples of Jadeite Safety Coins

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